How do I get my data into QuickBooks?

December 22nd, 2011 by Michael Giuffrida

Have you become an Excel ninja trying to marry up data from QuickBooks and other business systems you use?  Do you spend countless hours trying to match up hours, expenses, customer info, and sales info?  And have you ever tried to integrate data using the QuickBooks IIF format?  I went through it all.  And while I always got close to my result, by the time I was done, my data was out of date.

That all ended for me once I learned about the QuickBooks developer network. Lucky enough to have developers at my disposal, I asked them to look into how I could get all of our apps talking to Quickbooks seamlessly.  It started with ADP payroll data which was supposed to integrate out of the box.  It did not.  Once, we wrote an app that had that it working flawlessly, my wheels really started turning.  Since then, we have written apps that allow us to push invoice data from our custom CRM program into Quickbooks, and pull payment information back out of QuickBooks into our sales commission system, plus written similar types of apps for many clients struggling with the QuickBooks data battle.

Intuit (QuickBook’s parent company) is working hard to make this type of magical integration much more wide-scale with its Intuit Anywhere program allowing “software as a service” (SaaS) apps to integrate from anywhere on the web.

Bottom line:   regardless of how fun Excel workbooks are, there are better ways to spend your time than manually integrating data.  For example, since I don’t have to worry about that stuff anymore, I have time to write this blog post!

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