How Do I Position Myself in My Market?

April 19th, 2012 by Michael Giuffrida

Which would you rather buy from; someone you have never heard of, or someone who has been recognized as an expert in their field and is well known for producing successful work?  It’s a pretty easy answer for most.

So assuming you want to reach the most of your market and have an easy time getting them to buy from you, you should do the things necessary to position yourself as an expert in your field.  This can be done in whatever mediums your target markets can absorb.  If you have a local business journal you might be able to do an article talking about what you do and how it helps people.  Online, you can use your website to create valuable downloadable content showing folks exactly why you are the expert at what you do.

ForeSite for example uses the opportunity of small events to give information to people that could help them maximize technology in their organizations better.  A few that we have coming up are a panel discussion on “Building Your Team ”. The discussion is part of the Entrepreneurial Roundtable series which helps young entrepreneurs gain advice from local professional experts.  We are also sponsoring InPractice Conn. On May 3rd.  At the event, which is put on by the Hartford County Bar Association, ForeSite will be speaking at two of the event’s seminars; one discussing maximizing LinkedIn and the other on preventing downtime during a disaster.  Others include participation in Technology Day at St. Bridget School where we will be speaking about network security and another with YardZone and Filomeno and Company where we will discuss Building a Culture of Engagement.

However you choose to show your wares to the market, make sure that your articles, whitepapers and seminars are not sales pitches, but provide the recipient with some good information that they can choose to leverage afterwards.  Once you have proven yourself to them, they will come looking for you when there is a fit between their needs and your skills.

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