Should I Go Mobile?

May 1st, 2012 by Michael Giuffrida

The answer is easy; you don’t have a choice anymore!  In 1997 when we started ForeSite, the question was “Should I have a website?”  Seems silly to ask now, doesn’t it? Pay attention next time you are in an elevator, a restaurant, or even a restroom and I challenge you to not find at least one person clicking away on their smart phone or iPad.  It’s just the way people are consuming content today at whatever small interval they have to consume it.  So if you aren’t positioning your content to be consumed easily (and quickly) by these devices, people will move on.

Now that we have determined that you need to be mobile, how do you do that?  There are a few options available to you and the right answer depends upon your content and your audience.

For example, if you have a marketing website that people only visit to find your address or phone number, then you should have a mobile version of your home page that gets them to that information quickly when they do a search.  This can easily be done using some code to determine the browser the visitor was coming from a style-sheet to serve up the right content based upon the end user’s device.  If your user’s needs are more involved and require interaction and input, you might consider a full blown “app” which will be designed to operate properly on the different devices out there and have the best user experience along the way.

The key is that you consider your audience and what they need to get out of the experience.  Remember, you are there for them and if they want to view your site or log into your application while riding down the elevator, you should make that as easy as possible for them.

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